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JIMMY STICKS is formed in Perm (Russia) back in 2018 by the former members and founders of GRENOUER. After a short creative search and some experiments the band finds its genre niche Alco Thrash metal. in 2019 JIMMY STICKS release their debut album titled "The Hero of the Alcoholic Front" and play numerous live shows inclusive of different biker meetings, regional and all-Russian festivals. Non-trivial scene image and mighty sound make the live shows of JIMMY STICKS the highlight of the program. However both the musicians and their fans agree that the most important factor is the unique atmosphere characteristic of every show of the band. In January of 2020 JIMMY STICKS receive a lot of positive reviews and are highly rated by the jury of the legendary all-Russian festival Stariy Noviy Rock (Old New Rock) in Ekaterinburg. The members of the band successfully hold Death Panorama Fest (held in Perm since) they revived from oblivion.

Line up:

  • Andrej Kaban Lobanov vocals;
  • Denis Dekan Davydov guitars;
  • Vladimir Pchelovod Rozhkov guitars;
  • Dmitrij Kulakov bass;
  • Sergej Lyalin - drums.

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