The band was formed in 2002 when Anatoly Chebotar joined Max (guitar) and Roman (vocal). Anatoly is an ex - MORTIFER drummer, he left the band in 2000. BARBARITY steered for brutal death metal. Dennis Babenkov helped the band with bass but as he played also in another project, Tatyana was recruited as a bass guitarist. After 6 month of rehearsals the band recorded their first album - The Wish To Bleed in Black Magic Studio (now SPN Studio), released later by More Hate Productions. At the same time a 4 track mini album - Cut The Filthy Skin was recorded. It was released as a 4 - way split CD with POSTHUMOUS BLASPHEMER (Belarus), SMERSH and KATALEPSY by More Hate Prods. The band rehearses much and takes part in a number of live shows together with MIND ECLIPSE, I CUM BLOOD, SEPTICOPYEMIA, MORTIFER, RIGORISM, MURK EXORBITANCE, SCRAMBLED DEFUNCTS and others. Despite some problems, the major being the loss of rehearsal place, the band recorded the second full length album - Hell Is Here in re in SPN Studio in November 2004. Sergey Novikov - the leader of MORTIFER and the owner of SPN studio worked on this album (as well as on the debut) as a sound engineer, so wait! After that the group continues to rehearse, preparing a new material. In passing with it the group decides to pass to other label. As a result of negotiations BARBARITY decide a new material to publish on Blacksmith Productions. The album has left on October, 12th, 2005. By the moment of its output BARBARITY have written down the third album "Enough Graves For Everybody". Its output is planned for February, 2006. In the summer after an output of album Hell Is Here, the structure is left by Tatyana, owing to big Employment in the field of the business. Having remained three together the group does not lower a hand and persistently works above the third full album. In the beginning of 2006, under sign of Blacksmith Prods., has been realized last for today the creation has shown album Enough Grave For Everybody. A material recorded under direction of Sergey Novikov, sounds even more professionally and roughly. Style of group was much weighted and still more more barbarous and brutal. Parties of a bass were recorded by the guitarist of group Max, and a all lead guitars by Sergey ( S.P.N/MORTIFER ) again has won back. And nevertheless, to summer 2006, long - awaited bassist has been found, to it became the old friend and the fan groups - Sergey Lopukhov, which before where did not try the forces. Sergey's first baptism of fire became performance in local Kostroma club K.D.D., which it with honour has passed, and following performance of group in new structure. Became opening of a concert season in September, in Yaroslavl club "Partizan" where the group has acted with such bands as: PROSECTOR ( Yaroslavl ), ROSSOMAHAAR ( Moscow ). At the moment, the group prepares for reprinting of debut album The Wish To Bleed ( 2004 ), the CD will have new registration above which the constant designer now works groups since 2005 Olga Ovchinnikov. Except for an album 2004 of year, in the form of a bonus - material, on a CD there will be EP the same year Cut The Filthy Skin besides it will be possible to see two concert tracks, written down in "Partizan" in 2006 year. An output re - issued it is planned for summer of 2007, thus the group will note the 5 anniversary of the creativity.

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