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Black metal project UNNOMINE (Samara) is formed back in 2015 as a one-man project of Anna aka Unnomine (guitars, vocals). Unnomine is actually a play of words derived from the Latin In nomine. According to Anna it means unnamed or nameless. The music of the project is inspired by old school black metal bands, both foreign, especially Norwegian, and Russian, among which a special place is occupied by Devorator. The lyrics dedicated to singing the praises of eternal Darkness and anticosmic Evil, are based on the ideas close to anti-Christianism, Satanism and misanthropy. There are two songs inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. In 2016 Alexander (drums) and Elena (bass) join the project. Between 2015 and 2020 Anna composes 16 songs and an intro. Busy with everyday life, the bass player and the drummer hinder the development of the band rare rehearsals cause poor musicianship, insufficient involvement and ideological commitment of the named band members, resulting in insignificant progress both in concert and studio work. In 2018 Anna decides to audiotape all the songs composed so far, but only the guitars and the vocals are taped. Since 2020 Anna begins recording songs in better quality using dedicated software in her studio. The initial plan was to record drums and bass. However this has never happened for different reasons. In early 2022 both the drummer and the bass player quit the band upon mutual consent. Soon Ivan (bass) joins the band. Unfortunately, he turns out to be an unreliable band member. His contribution to the band is limited to rehearsing and playing bass at the first live show of UNNOMINE in November 2022 in Stavropol. In the absence of a drummer the band uses drum machine live. Meanwhile UNNOMINE is preparing to release the debut album titled The Black Cult of Nameless Evil. Guitars and vocals recorded by Anna, drums and bass programming, mixing and mastering done by DIP SOUND studio (Stavropol). The album is released in CD format in early 2023 by More Hate Productions and in MC format by Black Sanctum Cult. The material available so far is divided into two more albums that will be released in the future. In spring of 2023 Anna composes "Intro II" and decides to include it in the second album titled "The Symbol of the Descent of Darkness". The same year Anna begins preparations for the upcoming live show of UNNOMINE in St. Petersburg in May 2024. In the absence of a bass player and a drummer in the band, Anna has to look for session musicians in another cities. As a result, both are found in St. Petersburg. The third part of the unreleased material, inclusive of "Retribution" another new song composed in 2023, will be included in the next album.

Line up:

  • Unnomine vocals, guitars, music and lyrick.

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