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Ad Noctem Funeriis is a Black Metal band raised from the Apulian Hell in 2003, quickly becoming a renowned ensemble in the Italian BM underground scene. Soon, they released their first demo, "Apocalyptic Vision of Death" (2004), followed by the first full length titled "...Of Evil and Torment" (2009), which showed the bands huge potential and achieved a good degree of success, not just in Italy, but throughout Europe and the USA. The second full length "Satans March Black Metal" (2015) released by Symbol Of Domination and Vacula Productions, a true and proper hymn to Satan and his majesty, crowned the band as one of the greatest performing acts in the Italian scene. This led Ad Noctem Funeriis to perform as headliner and as opening for bands like Taake, Kampfar, Negură Bunget, Batushka, Death SS and several others, as well as in exclusively Black Metal festivals. The band puts on devastating live performances, characterized by candle stands and a huge wooden inverted cross on the stage, a blasphemous ritual. The band recorded their third full length album, called "Abyss, Fire, Brimstones", and is waiting to crash the stage once more and unleash Hell on earth.

Line up:

  • Moloch - guitars;
  • Hellhound - vocals;
  • Tyrannos - guitars;
  • Ijosa - drums;
  • Nijur - bass.

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