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During the years 2008-2009 IDVex (Ifigeneia Derizioti) created the project Lothron in Florina (Greece), with the collaboration of other musicians released two tracks but under the lack of finding band members the project disbanded. In the winter of 2013 IDVex formed 1/2 SOUTHERN NORTH as an one person band in Kalamata (Greece). The musical compositions are characterised by heavy melodic lines, languid and sluggish tempo and by the use of prolonged sonic scenes. In addition, the themes of the lyrics are inspired by Mythology, Left Hand Path Philosophy and Occultism. In a nutshell the band is influenced by different sound fields as Black Metal, Doom Metal, Experimental and Avant-Garde music. The main theme of the album is the essence of the Death and the Soul, as the Spirit became free by Lucifer (the sacred Snake - Ophis). Death here represents the minor God Thanatos of the Ancient Greek Mythology, and he is the last lover of the maiden Soul, a marriage of eternity, the bitter inevitability of death and decay. The Soul accepts her destiny and free from the bounds of matter departs to the Moon, the ancient Mother of all. Until today the band has released 4 demos and 2 split albums.

Line up:

  • IDVex - Compositions, Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Chelys Lyre, Synthesizer, Theremin and Lyrics.
  • Guests:

  • Philippos Lyrintzis - Drums (1, 3-6);
  • George Kastanos - Saxophone (6);
  • Efraimia Giannakopoulou - Violin (5);
  • Dimitris Soureas - Davul (2);
  • Stavros Panagiotopoulos - Kaval (2);
  • Malena Pereske - Dahare (2);
  • Polytimi Noea - Ancient Greek Lyrics (2).

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