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MAJESTAT (RUSSIA) is formed by the guitarist of Warda W., and the vocalist of Chthonian Abyss G. with an only purpose - to create black metal with an ultimately raw medieval atmosphere. All releases of the band feature Nikolay (Dissilumination, Temple of Nihil, Todestribe, ?Ѣ??) on drums. Album artwork is an important part of the project besides being a complementary to the lyrics, it can be considered as a separate art object. The lyrics of the band cover such subjects as cruelty, mythical creatures, medieval plots. MAJESTAT perform black metal free from any modern genre inclusions. In keeping with traditional sound in the studio, the musicians still gravitate towards melody. In 2020-2022 the trio composes and records music, doesnt play any live shows and remains unknown to the fellow performers. All songs of MAJESTAT have been recorded by Sergey Lazar. The albums of the band have been released in Germany, USA and Russia in MC, CD and LP formats. In 2023 Unlight (guitar, also BlackFog) joins MAJESTAT. With complete line-up the band becomes able to play live shows.

Line up:

  • W. guitars;
  • G. vocals;
  • Nikolay - drums.

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