HAISSEM from Donbass is formed back in March 2014 by Andrey Tolok. The project is originally conceived to be a full-fledged performing melodic black metal band. After failing to find the like-minded musicians Andrey decides to run the project alone. In 2016 HAISSEM releases its debut album titled Maze of Perverted Fantasies recorded at Vetkin Records studio (this cooperation continues up to now). Not stopping there, the musician composes new material soon released as Hatavism (2017, EP). From this point Andrey starts using numerous death metal elements in his music. This stylistic experiments become one of the priorities in composing the subsequent albums. The second full-length album titled Panacea for a Cursed Race is released in 2018, while in 2019 the project presents two opuses released one month apart: one full-length album and one extended play. Demonotone (full-length) features guest appearances from Denis Shvan aka Zhora Bredor (vocals) and notorious Dmitry Kufley (backing vocals), one of the founders of Donbass Brutal Syndicate and the member of numerous bands. The subsequent extended play titled Amputears becomes another experimental milestone for HAISSEM gravitating towards depressive black metal with dominating synths. In 2020 the project releases its sixth album named Kuhaghan Tyyn (evil spirit, Yakut language). This return to melodic black metal roots turns out to be quite atmospheric with significant role of keyboard instruments and a new level of recording quality. The album features guest appearances from Alexandra Zima (cello) and Dmitry Vander (trump harp). In 2021 and 2022 HAISSEM releases Philosofiend and A Sleep of Primeval Ignorance. A.C.T. Ad Cor Tenebrarum the last album to date is released in May, 2023. It is the longest (61 minute) and the most epic album of the project so far. In 2024 the band releases its tenth album titled "Khaos Ebony Flame", traditionally recorded at Vetkin Records with sound engineer Vitaly Dorofeev.

Line up:

  • Andrey Tolok - music, lyrics, vocals and all instruments.

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