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The story of the band begins in the middle of June 2019. This is the time when the name inspired by the musical legacy of DEATH, specifically the Human album, emerges. The idea behind the band name is as follows: human life is short; however, the everlasting concept of music sticks in human hearts like a splinter in a finger it helps to fight depression, aggression, and solve many problems. Initially formed as a one-man studio project releasing music on the Internet, in 2020 it receives a powerful boost to the development of both music and lyrics as Alexander Zavadskiy teams up with Nina Zavadskaya. In the same 2020 in the course of tireless work on new material, the band switches to seven-string guitars with a non-standard tuning. Bands debut titled Labirint Soznaniya (The Labyrinth of Consciousness), originally intended to be a single, becomes a three-song EP released on digital platforms on October 13, 2022. The release features guest appearances from Andrey Farnev (FARNEV, guitar) with a guest solo, and Gleb Kopytov (vocals) with guest vocals and co-authoring of the lyrics for Utopicheskiy Ray Illuziy (The Utopian Paradise of Illusions). The debut EP tells the story of oppression and enslavement of the human race by an extraterrestrial intelligence. Between October 2022 and January 2023 HUMAN TIME record a full-length album. Only eight out of fifteen composed and demoed songs end up on this album dedicated to monsters and other evil creatures of medieval times. With this release, the band aims to broaden its audience by means of both digital and physical distribution. Currently HUMAN TIME is working on the second album extending the ideas of the debut, and looking for a live line-up.

Line up:

  • Alexander Zavadskiy - vocals and instruments;
  • Nina Zavadskaya lyrics and producing.
  • Guests:

  • Ruslan Pavlov (Splatterums, Mumblegore) - vocals (7)
  • Gleb Kopytov - vocals (7).

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