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POLOSKANUS is a black/death metal project formed in Brest (Belarus) in February 2020 as a follow up of the band named AZTAROTH. In the beginning, POLOSKANUS explores the theme of violence, but soon the band enlarges its scope with such themes like mental disorders, depression, insomnia and phobias. In February 2021 the band releases a 5-track album titled "Winter is Coming" and a single titled "Tebya Bolshe Net" (You are No Longer Here). in 2023 Setgey Zhdan (vocals) joins the project, and POLOSKANUS records "Insomnia" (full-length). in 2024, while the label is preparing the release of "Insomnia", the musicians decide to make a departure from theirs own sound. They tune their guitars lower, add much more keys and enrich vocals with female voice by Yulia Khalikova. "Distress" (EP) consists of three songs demonstrating the new sound of the band to both mentally stable and mentally unstable fans of heavy music.

Line up:

  • Robert Enotovich - Vocal, Guitars,Music, Drum Programining;
  • Sergey Zhdan - Vocal, Lyrics, Art;
  • Roman Grinberg - Mix and Mastering;
  • Dmitriy Vasilkov - guest vocal, guitar, music (tracks: Rassvet, 3:33).

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