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The line-up of BESPROSVETIE consists of Alex Bjorn (composer) and Roman Volkov (poet and vocalist, voice actor). The story of the project begins when Roman Volkov the reader of audio books (the voice of GUSTAV, ROLAND, GERALT), director and musician, becomes a volunteer at the department of acute psychoses of Sukharevskaya hospital for teenagers who attempted suicide. Their creative works and recollections of ward attendants and nurses are gradually supplemented with stories from other hospitals, poems by dead poets, psalms and prayers, reports, sounds of the city, voice messages, a drawing by a patient for the album cover these are the roots of the concept of BESPROSVETIE. Roman Volkov and Alex Bjorn do not intend to destroy the world by driving insane as many listeners as possible. On the contrary, it seems they want to show the downward spiral of madness to enter the mind of a teenage outcast with his mental problems. People have always been interested about suicide and mental disease subjects, that echo in the works of many poets, musicians, writers, and even the criminal aspect of these subjects does not resolve the problem. The ordeals of a split Self a person imprisoned in a house of mourning are rarely talked about. This is especially true for involuntary admissions. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of what exactly is behind the diagnosis of insanity and how schizophrenia manifests itself. Perhaps this project will at least give these people a chance to walk a little in someone elses shoes. The project features a huge number of invited singers, readers, as well as underage musicians. The lyrics include the poems by Sergey Esenin, Nikolay Gumilev, Ivan Ravn and the unknown patients of psychiatric clinics. Album cover art by Sofya Krasnykh. The voices used in the recording are: Rodion Volkov, Ruslana Volkova, Irina Volkova, Kirill Tulyak, Dmitry Rybin, Hyena Belaya, Ivan Ravn, Dmitry Rybin, Elena Fedoriv.

Line up:

  • Alex Bjorn music;
  • Roman Volkov lyrics, vocals.

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