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BRIDGE TO INFINITY is formed in Astrakhan back in 2007 by Oleg Kolobov (guitar), Roman "Hans" (bass) and Pavel "Crimson" (drums). One year later Vladimir Ryabinin (guitar) joins the band. By 2009 the musicians almost have a full-length album composed. In 2010 Pavel (drums) quits the band because of illness. After failing to find a new drummer, Oleg decides to break up the band and retire from music. Almost 8 years later Viadimir, who gained experience in other bands, convinces Oleg to record and finally release that old material. The decision is made to form a studio project with session musicians. Within a very short time Mikhail Ponomarev, a drummer form Kazan (Russia) well-known for his skills, composes and records all drums. The vocals are recorded by Vasily Mukorin — an old friend of the band and one of the best extreme vocalists in Astrakhan. Vyacheslav Cherentsov from the city of Kamyzyak records brilliant bass lines. Guitars are recorded by Vladimir and Oleg. The album is tracked in C-300 Records in 2018, but the mixing is postponed due to financial difficulties. The recorded material is mixed and mastered only five years later by Georgy Ivanov (Ignition Records, Astrakhan). Finally, the album that has been dusting on a shelf, is released by More Hate Productions.

Line up:

  • Oleg Kolobov - guitars;
  • Vladimir Ryabinin - guitars;
  • Vasiliy Mukorin - vocals;
  • Vyacheslav Cherentsov - bass;
  • Mikhail Ponomarev - drums.

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