In summer 2002 a man named Valery (vocal/guitar), arrived to Vitebsk city for studing, in cooperation with his faculty mate Constantin (drums) made up their minds to create a metal band. Soon, a bass player Maxim (Maxx) joins them. This stuff of the band was called TANATOS. After several rehearsals a second guitar player Alexander (Grozny) is invited, who played in VICARIOUS FILII DEI. The first sample became the recording of cover version for the song Lack of Comprehension of DEATH for forthcoming compilation dedicated to this band. Unfortunately this compilation hasnt appeared. Valery abandons the band. Left in three, the guys accept into the band Vitaly as a vocalist, and the first firm stuff was formed. Maxx and Grozny decide to change the name of the band. Between many they choose UNLUCKY BURIED, because it has never been met in the ocean of metal bands names.

After two months of existence the band debuts in the show together with INTERIOR WRATH and CUTGAR bands and a week later they receive the invitation to play with CUTGAR and #####. Along with the concert activity we can see the geography of the shows develop. Having visited many places of the region and taken part in a number of fests (in one of them the band wins the first prize for SLAYERs cover version Dead Skin Mask), the band loses the vocalist and the drummer. Soon, drummers place is taken by the most talented drummer Dmitry (Diky). A vocal part is temporally performed by Grozny. Having played a couple of shows with a new stuff, they decide to support the vocal with one more vocalist Andrew. At the same time they record the first demo Youre unique our Death. To support the material the band takes part on warm-up with GRENOUER together with their countrymen VELD. After recording this material Andrew is recruited to the military service.

Some time later Yaroslav (Yary) is invited as a second guitar player. In this stuff the band plays together with legendary MORTEM. At the same time a new vocalist Alexey (Alex) joins the band, who played bass in VELD, and who started first translating all lyrics into English, having some texts being developed and closely deals with art-concept of the band. Soon, Diky enters an university in Minsk and drops out of stuff for six years. Due to the lack of drummers in city, the guys decide to use the drum-machine which is still used in their recordings and shows. The first show with new stuff the band plays on warm-up with the ukrainian band HYPERION and the local VELD. After several shows in native city the band goes to Rechitza to take part in METAL CROWD TOUR 2006 together with BESTIAL DEFORM, APOCRYPHAL and I.N.F., to Saint-Petersburg, where they participate in First Open Contest in the field of metal and around metal club music industry Soul Of Metal and to Minsk, where the musicians have honour to perform on warm-up with polish grindcore-legend DEAD INFECTION.

From autumn 2007 to spring 2008 the band records the debut album on Unburied Studio (the home-studio of Grozny). In april 2008 after participating in MASS CRUELTY FEST Yary abandons the band. As the result of numerous experiments with sound and endless changes of musical structures in recording process many compositions do change greatly, what is evidence of endless musical development of the band, which has never limited itself within death metal, deluting its compositions with different metal styles elements. In may 2009 on More Hate Productions the album Blast from the underground is issued. Besides six its own compositions, the album includes cover version for the song Sothis by VADER and extra bonus videoclip Inexplicable Need To Kill. Cover art, album design and logo were developed by a talented artist from Vitebsk Sergey Kisel, with whom the band is planned to cooperate in future. Nowadays the band is busy with composing new music material and promoting the album.

Line up:

  • Alex vocal (2005 present days)
  • Grozny - guitars, back vocal (2002 present days)
  • Maxx - bass (2002 present days)
  • Diky drums (2004 - present days)

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