2000 The formation of Dictator. The band has gone through several line-up changes. By now the vocalist has remained the only original band member.

2000-2003 Series of insane gigs and the search for musicians.

2002 Recording of Birth Of Virgin Feelings album.

2003 Birth Of Virgin Feelings is released by Oupiric prod. and gets positive response from media.

2003 - 2007 - Numerous gigs in different parts of Russia.

2007 - Recording and releasing of Moving Inward Us album.

2008 Total line-up change. ???t remains alone. Soon Max and NotJes join Dictator as guitarist and bassist correspondingly. The revival of the band begins.

2009-2011 Show time again. Band tours actively and plays numerous gigs.

2011 The recording of a new album titled Stay Brutal, Baby and released by More Hate prod.

2012 - The band with firm and the most stable line-up ever (Poet- Vocals, Max- Main guitar, NotJes - Bass guitar) enters the studio to record the new album titled "I will live here". For the first time the lyrics will be in Russian. To be continued...

Line up:

  • Poet - Vocal, mastering, programing drums, samples
  • ???? - Main guitar, lead guitar
  • NotJes - Bass guitar, synth, samples

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