Dargonomell band

The story of DARGONOMEL begins in 2011 in Kirov, when VAR decides to reform its project Subterra Demort (2006 2011). Var and Shaks the ideological begetters of the band come up with idea of a band playing evil occult music with hard-line lyrics filled with atmosphere of hate. Sound experiments result in fusion of different styles on the foundation of Black/ Death metal. All the abovementioned components topped with combination of screaming and growling form harsh and hard-edged sound of the band. The musicians inspired by the ancient manuscript De Vermis Mysteriis and other arcane knowledge decide to name the band after the archdemon Dargonomel. Between 2011 and 2012the band composes new material, records a debut full-length album and films a video for Eternal Dilemma promo-track. In the meantime DARGONOMEL records a cover-version of Reaping Death a song originally performed by WATAIN for Scandinavian Wind compilation released by Nitroatmosfericum Records. Varkulama, bands debut, is released by More Hate Production in April 2013. The sound of this album is based on combination of powerful riffs and themes of Ancient Middle East. In the process of creative exploration the line-up of DARGONOMEL undergoes numerous changes. Finally the band ends up with a new drummer and one guitarist. All these changes do not hinder musicians from composing, and the material for the second album is finished by 2014. The sound and the mood of In Abyssum Diaboli released in December 2014 by Nitroatmosfericum Records, Cold Raw Records and Rebirth The Metal Production, significantly differs from the debut, but not in terms of onslaught. Female backing vocals lend variety to overall picture. 2 years later the time has come for the third full-length album. Astazebian is released by More Hate Productions and supported by Bloodthirsty Ereshkigal promo-video. Another promo-video will be released in autumn of 2017. After a while, the second guitar returns and a new drummer joins the band. DARGONOMEL commence the composing of new material.

Line up:

  • Valery "Var" Rupasov - bass, vocals;
  • Roman "Shaks" Kropachev guitars;
  • Artyom "Lux Mystherion" Ovchinnikov guitars;
  • Aleksandr Pozharskij - drums.


Official website of the band:

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