putrification band

The band is formed back in 2008. By that time Alexey joins the band as the second vocalist. At this date the band has different name and plays material far from death mental. From this point changes in music begin followed by numerous line-up changes... Second guitarist Ivan quits the band in order to join the army. Earlier due to the lack of interest and creativity bass-guitarist Sergey leaves the band. Drummer Vasiliy also quits the band for personal reasons. In 1,5 years of bands existence three guitarists, two drummers, one vocalist and a keyboard-player quit the band for various reasons. For one year bands activity is almost completely frozen because the line-up consists of guitarist Alexander and vocalist Alexey only. By 2010 the team is completed with drummer Andrey and bass-guitarist Alexander.

At the same time the band starts working on material which is later included in "Morbid Pollutions" EP 2011. It is death metal with minor deviations to old school death. EP is recorded in a rehearsal studio and distributed by musicians themselves. Afterwards the band plays several gigs. The work on new material begins. By this time music undergoes essential changes though the foundation remains the same death metal. The material is influenced by technical and brutal death metal.

In 2012 the band by its own efforts distributes the limited edition of EP "Fragments of Pain", which includes 4 new songs from the upcoming full-length album titled Intolerance.

The debut album is recorded in the end of 2011 - 2012 at BKRecords (Ivanovo), mixed and mastered by Andrey Brodsky. At the same time label MORE HATE PROD agrees to publish the debut full-length album.

Line up:

  • Alex (Leshy) - vocals
  • Alexander (Pooh) - guitars
  • Alexander (MrEvil) - bass
  • Andrew (DemigoD) drums


Official website of the band:

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