The Mysteria Mortis band was founded by three members: Anna Shvetsova (Annette Ignis), Danila Finn Kutko and also violin player Svyatoslav Postevoi, - in winter, 2009. The first demo, Children of the Ice Wind had already been recorded in summer, 2010. In June, the band made its debut, where the Children of the Ice Wind was presented to the audience, thereafter this song became the calling card of the band. The second performance took place in the same summer, in August, in Vladivostok. The idea of recording an album appeared in winter, 2011, after the performance in Amursk. The Montsegur became the second demo of the band, which recorded it in July, 2011. The song captured hearts of lots of fans and crirics. The song was re-recorded and comes as bonus track in the album. Finally, in autumn, 2011, the band came to studio to record the first album; the song Night of the Silver Moon became the track release of the album. In 2012, the band had shared the stage with the famous folk rock band Troll Bends Fir from Saint-Petersburg, as well as with the band Yat-Kha from Tyva Republic; it also had visited lots of concerts in the Far East, had caught hearts of the metalheads and had recorded its first album. In this time new musicians come to band, there are: talanted guitar player - Tetetin Nikita, very technical drummer - Roman Knyazev and keyboards player - Semen Ruisiev. In next time at the january, 2015 band released first official music video and received invitation in first big metal tour like headliners in biggest Chinese cities. In China band had music shows in 23 cities, and spoke at international big music festival "ChangJiang 2015" with Scorpions and Artillery bands. There was more than 5000 listeners at this festival. In the summer 2015 band found the manager who made new big Russian tour for them, it was 18 Russian cities. When band came in their hometown, musicians recorded second album "Our time" and signed agreement with Morehate in Russia and one of American metal label for release this new album.

  • Anna Shvetsova (Annette Ignis) vox (clean, scream), jews harp, shamanic buben;
  • Nikita Tetetin - Extreme vox, Guitar;
  • Sema Ruisiev - keyboards;
  • Roman Knyazev - Drums;
  • Session bass player.

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