The band was formed in Kaluga in 1993. The first release - rehearsal tape Beauty Of Chewed Human Chaff Corruption - musicians released in 1995. Right after FESTERGUTS recorded studio demo Delicious Evisceration. In musical framework it was old school death metal with the keyboards and melodic solos that began forming the very own sound of FESTERGUTS. For the instrumental track Lascivious Necropsy a video was shot.

In 1998 the band recorded Bloodsoaked album on tape where for the first time female back-vocal joined FESTERGUTS music. Video clip for the song from this album On The Bloodsoaked Bridal Bed was filled with bloody sexual scenes. Back-vocalist Olga played one of the leading roles.

The fisrt FESTERGUTS international performance was Berlin concert in 2001. The most shocking bands show took place in Kaluga in 2002, when FESTERGUTS were throwing meat pieces to the crowd. In 2004 the song Besmeared With Blood And Viscera became a soundtrack to Canadian horror movie Sinners and Saints. Same year the band recorded 3-tracks promo CD.

In 2011 FESTERGUTS started working on full-length CD Heritage Of Putrescent, that saw the light in 2013.

Line up:

  • Michael Nickolayev - vocals
  • Sergey Vasilyev - guitar
  • Ivan Izotov bass
  • Kirill Fyodorov - drums

Studio musicians:

  • Victoria Belchenkova - soprano
  • Denis Andrusenko solo guitar


Site of the band:

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