In 1988 the band was formed by Belfagor (guitars) and Max (bass). They adopted the name Rites Of Death, aspiring to sound like bands such as Hellhammer and Celtic Frost. One year later the name was changed in Horrid. The first releases were issued in 1992 and 1994, years which saw the arrival of two self produced demo tapes: "Eternal Suffering" and "You Are Mine". Another promo tape was recorded in 1993, although it didn't see the light until 2009 on Terror From Hell Records. Each cassette generated interest among various labels, so in 1996 the band released the 7-inch vinyl "Awaiting For The Truth" under Cryptic Soul Production.

Three years later Horrid entered the legendary Sunlight Studio in Stockholm to record its second Ep "Blasphemic Creatures", released by Behind The Mask Records. The mini album became an underground classic and gave Horrid the chance to sign a deal with Deadsun Records for the release of its first full length "Reborn In Sin" (2002). Shortly thereafter, in 2006, the band received attention from Xtreeme Music and released its second full album "Rising From The Hidden Spheres". In the meantime Horrid was featured on several compilation albums with new and repressed material: "Evil's Birth" 2002 (More Hate Productions), "Death By Metal" 2010 (Blasphemous Art Productions) and "The Final Massacre" 2011 (Black Tears Productions).

Many line up changes occurred throughout the band's 24 years history. Then in 2012, after a short hiatus. In june 2013 the band entered again the Sunlight Studio in Sweden to record its third full length with Tomas Skogsberg. The resulting work, entitled "Sacrilegious Fornication", is an eight songs album of raw and dark old school death metal, featuring guest vocals by Johan Jansson (Interment), plus a cover of Hellhammer's classic "Massacra". In march 2014 Max left the band due to personal and musical incompatibilities. The album was released in April 2014 by the german underground label Dunkelheit Produktionen.

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