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FAR FROM MIND dark-gothic-metal band

FAR FROM MIND was incepted by Dirty Scoundrel in February, 1995 as a purely experimental project aimed at reflecting the authors current state of mind through music. FAR FROM MINDs music, though insufficiently rich and saturated to be purely instrumental, used to be voiceless for quite a long time. Meeting with Tim in 1998 helped decorate FFM with vocal parts and English lyrics (D.I.Y.B. Vol. 2). Over several years span, the tandem covered a wide range of genres, including psychedelic rock, progressive rock, noise industrial and psychedelic metal. The duos second joint opus named Timely Death became a turning point in FFMs history. As of today, the band members tend to view it as their first big project. Musically, Timely Death varies between psychedelic rock, progressive rock and noisy industrial. FFMs next record entitled Mentalligence is probably the least experimental work in the projects history. Stylistically, this album can be characterized as psychedelic metal. The 2003 mini album Remind Me Later was virtually a piece of progressive rock mixed with sympho rock elements. All these albums gained high acclaim in both underground and official musical print media. In 2005, the project gave birth to a milestone promo single named Ecce Homo piloting a full-length album under the same title. The album was a mixture of synth gothic rock, progressive rock and sympho rock; basically, it indicated the direction in which the project would evolve.

Apart from the mainline represented by Ecce Homo, FAR FROM MIND recorded two experimental mini albums in 2005, namely, Need No Music and No Option. Both of these stylistically appealed to dark ambient aesthetics, thus demonstrating projects diversity. The difference between these two is that the first one conceptually aims at highlighting the music of the surrounding sounds in everyday life, while the latter was specially written and played live as part of Project 356-0-356 initiated by Philipp Volokitin.

In 2007, FFM recorded an EP entitled Anytime demonstrating the band's focus on gothic rock sound and piloting a full-length album. However, the album entitled "33" (the age of the musicians at the time of making the album) was marked by yet another metamorphosis in the band's priorities, and what was expected to be a more or less trendy goth rock stuff eventually turned out to be a massive dark metal album. A self-released version came out on 2 CD-Rs (33: the night album and 33: the light album) and is available via email order (like others).

In November 2008, FFM signed a contract with More Hate Productions for releasing the album in 2009. The album was released on one CD and entitled Breakpoint 33.

In 2007, FFM also released a box-set named "12.5: the early years anthology" covering the 12.5 years (by that time) of the band's diverse and intricate history in music.


D.S.: guitars, bass, voice, synths, drum machine programming, snarls, soundscapes, music.

Tim: voice, lyrics.



Albums, mini albums:

1995 Disaster Musicmind Records

1997 Slowly Fading Deadly Rusty Flowers Musicmind Records

1997 Still Fading Flowers - Musicmind Records

1998 Darkest Dreams - Musicmind Records

1999 Deep Into Your Brain, Vol. 1 - Musicmind Records

1999 Songs Of Sorrow - Musicmind Records

1998 Deep Into Your Brain, Vol. 2 - Musicmind Records

2000 Deep Into Your Brain, Vol. 3 - Fantazone Sound Inc.

2000 Per-Version - Musicmind Records

2001 Timely Death Musicmind Records


2001 Sentenced To Gore (Eternal Death Productions) Song Of Sorrow III (Eternal Death remix) original track from Songs Of Sorrow, previously unreleased.


Albums, mini-albums, singles:

2001 Timely Death No Head Records (cd-r)

2003 Remind Me Later No Head Records (cd-r)

2005 Need No Music Heart Shaped Box (cd-r) No Head Records (cd-r)

2005 No Option No Head Records (cd-r)

2005 Ecce Homo Single No Head Records (cd-r)

2006 Mentalligence No Head Records (cd-r)

2007 12,5: the early years anthology No Head Records (5 cd-r set)

2007 Anytime EP No Head Records (cd-r)

2008 33: the night album No Head Records (cd-r)

2008 33: the light album No Head Records (cd-r).


2000 Birds Of Prey (Mandarangan Recordings, cd-r) Waterfall For My Anger from Slowly Fading Deadly Rusty Flowers, edited version

2000 Rezultats --4 (Rezultats --10 compilation cd-r) Northern Winds Go By The Lands Of Middle-Earth from Deep Into Your Brain, Vol. 3: Covered, album version 2004 Tribute To DEATH (Under Black Water Productions, cd-r) Voice Of The Soul

previously unreleased Collaborations:

2005 356-0-356 featuring Far From Mind (Monopolka, cd-r) same stuff as No Option (alternative signal source)


2006 Ecce Homo


2006 Codex Of War (computer game) Final Theme

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