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H.E.W.D.A.T. is formed by Lord Demogorgon (the mastermind of Black Shadow band) in 2006. Originally the project is seen as a version of Black Shadow with lyrics in English intended to propagate Satanism by means of Black metal. The debut album Blackest Empire Of Satan is recorded by Lord Demogorgon at SoundHellStudio in winter 2006 and released the same year, in June, by S.B.M. Records. A year later Lord Demogorgon records the second album Satanic March of Death released by S.B.M. Records in June 2007 and limited to 100 copies. The re-issue of the album with the new booklet artwork is planned for November 2007, but the album is not released by the indicated date H.E.W.D.A.T. slips into obscurity for several years as Lord Demogorgon concentrates on new material for Black Shadow. H.E.W.D.A.T. is revived in 2012. The re-issue of Blackest Empire Of Satan, the debut album re-mixed at SoundHellStudio with new booklet artwork is planned for March 2013 by MORE HATE PRODUCTIONS. For a number of reasons the release of the album is deferred to December 2014.

Line up:

  • Lord Demogorgon - vocals, guitars, bass, drum-programming

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