EXEGUTOR is formed in spring 2009 on the ruins of DISTINCT POSITION the band well-known in narrow circles and remainsactive since the formation. EXEGUTOR plays classical grindcore influenced by death metal and hardcore. The lyrics range from folk tales to pressing social problems. It should be noted that the lyrics are sung not only in English, but also in Belarusian, Spanish and Ukrainian. EXEGUTOR has played numerous shows in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia including such international festivals like Kiev Sonic Massacre (Kiev), Metal Crowd (Rečyca) and Coyote Brutal Fest (Moscow). The band has shared stage with NAPALM DEATH (UK), DEAD INFECTION (Pl), CHRIST AGONY(Pl), KATALEPSY (RU), PURULENT JACUZZI (RU), WORMED (Sp), PUTRIDITY (It), INFEST (Fra) and many other bands including lots of awesome domestic groups. The discography of EXEGUTOR consists of one full-length album and two EPs. Bands debut Cure for Dull is released in 2011 by Head Xplode prod. (Russia) in digipack format and distributed worldwide.Dive Sessions EP follows in 2012 (Satanath rec., St. Petersburg). The next EP is released by RTM prod. (Germany) as a split. Besides the band records cover versions of songs originally performed by the famous bands of the past at various times. EmbassyofHell, the second full-length album, is released in the beginning of 2015 by the two Russian labels MoreHate prod. and Satanath rec.

Line up:

  • Sergey Lavrinenko - voice
  • Andrey Maslov - guitar
  • Anton Kashkevich - bass
  • Dmitriy Matveev - drums

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