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VEIN OF HATE is formed in the end of 2005 in Gomel (Belarus) by young musicians willing to unleash the energy accumulated in their minds by means of nothing but heavy music. With the course of time the band plays live shows, composes music and unfortunately gets through regular line-up changes. Current line-up includes only two original members: Sergey LOM (vocals) and Igor Sataroth (drums). In the middle of 2008 Dmitriy Mikhaylov (guitar) from the proficient band STORMHOLD (Gomel) joins the band and gives it an urge for creation of more extreme and complicated music. At the current stage the band plays a combination of US death metal in the vein of DYING FETUS and European death metal a la early CARCASS and present-day ABORTED. One can also find the influence of FEAR FACTORY. The discography of the band includes several demos: Beyond the Reality(2006), Heretic Terror (2007),War is Inside (2008). Next to the last release 'Saint Atrocity' (EP) is dated 2013. The band has a promotional video for the song from this EP. In 2015 VEIN OF HATE releases the debut full-length album named 'Dualist'. The band has played numerous shows and shared stage with such bands like DYING FETUS, SYBREED, SADIST, ILLDISPOSED, GRAVEWORM, MORGOTH, DEFEATED SANITY, CRIONICS, VEDONIST, CHRIST AGONY, DEAD INFECTION, EPITOME, RASTA, VIRGIN SNATCH, KATALEPSY, FLESHGORE etc., including the biggest festivals of the Ukraine and Belarus Metal Heads Mission and Metal ?rowd.

Line up:

  • Sergey LOM Hodak vocals
  • Dmitry Michailov guitars
  • Artiom Bondarenko guitars & synths
  • Konstantin Nikiforov bass
  • Igor Botko - drums

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