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Its not an easy task to write the biography of a half year-old project with one album. Nevertheless: CEREBRIUM project is formed on November 1, 2014 at 21:17:34 when Morok (Bog-Morok, Morguenstern, Shexna, Downgrade, ex-Vo Skorbyakh) who has cherished the idea of composing something hysterical and depressive for a long time creates the Untitled Project folder and starts working at the first song eventually titled My last breath. Its a trivial and quite ordinary beginning of the untitled project later named (seemingly by mistake) with an inexistent word. His efforts result in release of the debut album (When I am Dead, 2015, More Hate Prod.) and invitation to join BETHLEHEM (Germany) - the fathers of DSBM - as a guitarist and composer. Over the next few years Morok is touring, composing new songs and recording new albums with BETHLEHEM (two albums released, one album is in production). Nevertheless, Morok continues to cherish the idea of recording another album with this project, but his commitments to other bands (Babooshka, Shexna, Morguenstern, Vo Skorbyakh) make that impossible. However, life does not stand still - COVID-19 and even more tragic events that followed the outbreak, give the musician time to return to CEREBRIUM. Morok has never been short of ideas it takes him a couple of weeks to compose the album. The same amount of time is spent on recording. Probably, The Happiest Days is a good example of unrestrained inspiration, that overtakes and does not let go until the very last note and the very last word are recorded. It just happened that the debut album of the project became an important milestone in the authors life marking a change for the better. Lets hope, the second album will bring something positive to our hard life.

Line up:

  • Morok everything.


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