Educated Scum was formed by Mikhail MishGun Kuznetsov and Dmitriy Dimebag Dasov in 2000 as a fun home grindcore project. Theyve already had some experience working together in some nameless school thrash-metal band Dimebag as a lyrics author and MishGun as a guitar player and singer. By that time the bands split-up and now MishGun and Dimebag decided to test some new home studio software and try some extreme grindcore. Dimebag took on growling and lyrics and MishGun all other instruments. The efforts gave birth to 6-track demo. It took 3 years to put ideas together and record a full-length album consisting of 16 tracks 16-minute long. From Chaos To Disorder was recorded in October-November 2003 and it took a couple of months to put some samples between songs and make limited CD-R edition just to handle it to friends. The idea of releasing it as an album came later and Not Like Most Records label interested in making it a split CD with Fight Back. But it also took several months to make this happen. The label made a cover artwork and re-mastered the original recording as Dimebag and MishGun decided to exclude 2 funny bonus tracks from this edition and change the tracking order a little bit. Vlad Kryzh Kryzhanovsky, that played some crisp solos on the album, was impressed by the material and convinced MishGun to form a live band. First Konstantin PHiLiN Gribov presented himself as a singer (as long as Dimebag had no interest or skills to perform live) and Eugeny "Gniffuts" Maksimchuk took on drumkit. Soon Alexey MirRon Mironov was found as a bass player and he invited the new drummer Vadim "Ennom" Kononenko (both former Eternal Sick members). But 2 weeks before the first announced gig in autumn 2004 PHiLiN decided to leave the band and Andrey "Abadon" Shmorgun, the bass player of Breakwar hardcore band, was recruited on short notice. In October 2004 From Chaos To Disorder was released as part of Educated Scum vs. Fight Back split CD and Educated Scum line-up was ready to grind! Some successful gigs (first 4 in October 2004, by the way) followed in local clubs (supporting Vader and Behemoth, to name a few) and festivals such as Petrogrind. Things started to look really bright as critics and public gave a warm welcome to the new extreme band, but in December of 2005 Educated Scum parted ways MirRon who was the main manager and it was the beginning of a downslide MirRon was replaced by Alexey Dinahl Dodonov but the inner conflicts continued that led to Kryzhs departure from Educated Scum in March of 2006 replaced by Konstantin "Helvete" Djatlov of Katalepsys fame. That line-up played a couple really good gigs including performing some new material but all ended up in an infamous death metal festival in Relax club in late April of 2006 that left Educated Scum without a frontman Some efforts to play with a new singer Konstantin Devilhead Kosapev led to eventual split-up of Educated Scum and the formation on a new modern-metal band Rule24 with Russian lyrics (with Devilhead on vocals and MishGun on guitars).

After 4 years of oblivion (and Rule24 split-up) in spring of 2010 Dimebag and MishGun reunited to work on a new Educated Scum studio album with guest session vocals by Devilhead. It took a year to record, find the label and release the second React album on Musica Production in December of 2011. With no interest from Kosarev in the bands future, Evgeny Jack Vegas Tkachev was recruited in 2012. Dimebag and MishGun came up with an idea to re-record and re-release From Chaos To Disorder also keeping up the work on some new demos with Jack Vegas and then (maybe) try to build-up a new live line-up but Jack Vegas emigrated to Germany and the whole project was again suspended for more than a year Still hoping to re-record the famous first album, Dimebag found session drummer Vladimir Vile Lyashkov who played in dozens of bands such as Exult, Grace Disgraced, Beheaded Zombie etc. He took only a few weeks to learn the material and then recorded all songs in one day (14st of December) in Primordial Studio. Then Jack Vegas visited Moscow to play a gig with a drone band A Foggy Realm and recorded all vocal lines in a couple of days. The Chaos Complete: From Chaos To Disorder Re-Visited will be released on May 2015. This compilation included original recording with original sound and tracking order (and even bonus tracks) from the first promo-CD; the new re-recorded version with official tracking order; some rehearsal recordings of the last line-up and the 2000 demo never ever released. 52-track 51-minute long ultimate grindcore release is the last Educated Scum piece of work and the band still tries to find new members and continues putting together some new material for another album


  • Mihail "MishGun" Kuznetsov - guitar, bass, backing vocal, music;
  • Dmitry "Dimebag" Dasov - lyrics, backing vocal;
  • Eugene "Jack Vegas" Tkachyov - vocal (Back Door To Asylum, A Foggy Realm);
  • Andrey "Abadon" Shmorgoon - vocals, bass;
  • Konstantin "Meph" Rudenko - bass;
  • Dmitry "Fin" Fiskin - drums(session).

  • Guests: Oleg Izotov - guitars, Konstantin Seleznev - guitars, Alexey Karpov - guitars, Vladimir Blesnov - guitars, Pavel Taratutenko - guitars, Kirill Nemolyaev - vocals.

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