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Montes Insania was originally a Russian-Ukrainian project formed in the spring of 2013. In 2018, only one person remained in the group. During this time, 2 albums were released "Song from behind a gray veil", "Absurdum" and the mini-album "I am Empty". The debut album "Song from behind a gray veil" (post black metal) dedicated to the works of Franz Kafka was released by Satanath Records in August 2013. The whole print of this 70-minute album consisting of 14 songs (200 Pro-CD-r copies) was sold out. The making of the second full-length album, "Absurdum", took 2 years. During this period the band recorded "I am Empty" EP. The songs from this EP were included into Absurdum" (tracks 10 13). All songs are unhasty, calm and melancholic. Aggression and anger typical for black metal are not characteristic of Montes Insania. The band puts emphasis on atmosphere and tragedy. Montes Insania confidently employs the heritage of great writers and philosophers of the past, experiments with musical forms, goes beyond metal standards and creates the unique musical canvas a pure masterpiece of high art.

Line up:

  • A.T. music, vocals, lyrics, mixing, mastering, artwork;
  • Lesta backing vocals.

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