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DEATHINCARNATION band is formed in August 2006 in Cherkassy (Ukraine) by Ratnikov brothers: Stanislav (drums) and Konstantin (guitarsvocals). The band performs deathlack metal. In spring of 2007 Deathincarnation records Raw Demo. The main idea of the demo is to introduce the band to metal community. General response to the demo is quite positive and the guys decide to move on. In March of 2007 the line-up of the band is completed by Sergey Bilenko (bass) and Inna Shevchenko (keyboards). At the same time the band obtains the name and the logo. Resulting from the experience of the musicians who had previously played in other local bands, it doesnt take much time to compose the material and play the first show as early as in May. This show is followed by several gigs in Cherkassy and in some other Ukrainian cities (Kiev, Donetsk). In summer of 2007 Inna quits the band. She is replaced by Viktoria Demchenko.

The second demo Deny Myself is recorded in autumn of 2007. It is well received by fans and press. The band remains active and participates in different gigs and sessions both in Cherkassy and other cities of the Ukraine. The next demo (Hammer a Nail) follows in winter of 2008. This demo brings the band a full-length album release contract with Nocturnus Records (Vinnytsia). The finished album along with the corresponding materials is sent to the label in autumn of 2008. During this period DEATHINCARNATION keeps on playing shows and composing new material. This work results in another demo titled Putrid Stench Of Servility consisting of three songs composed upon the recording of the debut.

Summer of 2009 brings some line-up changes. One of the founders of the band, Stanislav, quits DEATHINCARNATION for private reasons. A new drummer, Andrey Nikulenko, joins the band. With this line-up DEATHINCARNATION makes new songs, plays live shows and records the second full-length album Roar From Within. Autumn, 2010 - Nocturnus Records releases the debut of the band, Deny The Lies. Spring, 2011 the second album "Roar From Within" is released by More Hate Productions. In summer of 2011 Viktoria quits the band. She is replaced by Marina "Agony" Silaeva. The band works at new material and plays several shows in support of the "Roar From Within" album.

In 2012 DEATHINCARNATION releases "Visceral Hate" EP featuring three new songs. The recording of the third full-length album begins in 2014. During this period Andrey Nikulenko, the drummer, leaves the band. The recording process is continued without his assistance. The new album Pandemic Blight finished in 2015 is released by More Hate Productions. The same year Yuri "Tenebrath" Ishchenko (drums) joins the band. With the new drummer the band participates in Metal Heads Mission festival and plays numerous shows with "Pandemic Blight" album. At the same time DEATHINCARNATION compose new material for the follow-up album. In 2018 Yuri quits the band. "Dysfunctional Divine" is released in summer 2020 by More Hate Prod.

Line up:

  • Slay - guitars, vocals, programming
  • Truporub - bass
  • Agony - keyboards, samples

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