2024-07-11 - NEW CD!!! MHP 24-491 AD NIHIL "Zavedomo Lozhnye Celi"!!!

New full-length album by Russian blackened sludge/ doom metal band!!!

2024-07-02 - NEW CD!!! MHP 24-488 VO SKORBYAKH "Neumolimoe" (Inexorable)!!!

New album by Russian doom metal project!!!

2024-05-30 - NEW CD!!! MHP 24-490 BLACK SHADOW "Konez Sveta"!!!

Re-release of the original demo 2004 by Russian black metal cult!!!

2024-05-24 - NEW CD!!! MHP 24-486 PROTEOS "Epitaph"!!!

The debut full-length album by groove/ melodic death metal band band from Russia!!!

2024-05-14 - NEW CD!!! MHP 24-487 HAISSEM "Khaos Ebony Flame"!!!

The new full-length album by black metal band from Donbass!!!

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