2023-05-05 - NEW CD!!! SAT336/ FOG014/ MHP 22-435 1/2 SOUTHERN NORTH "Narrations Of A Fallen Soul"!!!

A joint release of Satanath Records with Fog Foundation and More Hate Productions: The new album by Greek occult metal project!!!

2023-04-28 - NEW CD!!! 089/ MHP 23-434 DEVILGROTH “Siberian Moonlit Night”!!!

A joint release of More Hate Productions and Careless Records: The new full-length album by a black metal band from Russia!!!

2023-04-11 - NEW CD!!! 081/ MHP 22-405 ORANSSI PAZUZU "Kosmonument"!!!

A joint release of More Hate Productions, and Careless Records: The re-issue of the second full-length album by psychedelic black metal band from Finland!!!

2023-04-04 - Finally! Two albums by PITCHBLACK (Moscow) at once!

All Black (2019) and All White (2022) will be released by MORE HATE PROD in CD format with multi-page booklets. These two albums are both antagonists and twins at the same time! One album is opposed to the other, yet adding gloominess and aftertaste to its opponent. Rough atmosphere, blood-curdling vocals, numerous sound experiments with guitars, drums and bass, funk inclusions, kalimba and samples created by the band! The unique sound characteristic of the debut (All or Nothing, 2018) is fully revealed on these new albums. A considerable number of tracks — 13 and 17 - ensures full immersion into the misty world of modern underground metal, leaving the feeling of permanent clarity and renewal despite the discordant nature of such subjects like death, insanity, lobotomy and self-destruction, as well as moving on, rottenness, emotional instability, psychotic disorder, tranquility and disgust, life after death, breaking boundaries and revolt against template thinking, denial, space and places where no man has gone before!

2023-03-30 - NEW CD!!! MHP 23-441 IMPRESS "Vrag Ne Dremliet" (The Enemy Does Not Sleep)!!!

The new full-length album by thrash metal/ hardcore band from Russia!!!

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