2024-04-16 - NEW CD!!! MHP 24-477 BRIDGE TO INFINITY "Bridge To Infinity"!!!

The debut album by Russian technical death metal band!!!

2024-04-08 - NEW CD!!! MHP 24-482 VANSTORBING INSOLOBRIDISHN Fucked Up All Over His Head!!!

The new album by brutal death metal band from Donbass!!!

2024-04-04 - NEW CD!!! MHP 24-484 HELLBOMB "Hellbomb"!!!

A new album by death/ black/ hardcore metal band from Russia!!!

2024-03-22 - NEW CD!!! MHP 24-472 VEDMAK Skitanie Dush!!!

A new album by black/death metal band from Udmurtia, Russia!!!

2024-03-18 - NEW CD!!! MHP 24-471 BESPROSVETIE (Hopelesness) Nothing will happen!!!

The debut album by depressive black metal band from Russia!!!

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