2024-03-12 - NEW CD!!! MHP 23-464 MONDFINSTERNIS The Mystery of Solitude!!!

The official reissue of the debut album by Russian dungeon synth band!!!

2024-03-05 - NEW CD!!! MHP 24-474 POLOSKANUS Insomnia!!!

The new debut album by post black metal band from Belarus!!!

2024-02-20 - NEW CD!!! MHP 24-473 MYSTERICON Come and See"!!!

The new album by Russian symphonic metal band!!!

2024-02-07 - NEW CD!!! MHP 23-468 HAISSEM "Demonotone"!!!

The fourth album by this band from Donetsk!!!

2024-01-23 - NEW CD!!! MHP 24-471 BALGA/ AUTUMN TALES Midnight Mystery!!!

The new split CD featuring two black metal bands from Kaliningrad, Russia!!!

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