2020-11-18 - NEW CD!!! MHP 20-355 MASTURBATION WITH THE BIBLE Good Nuns Gone Dirty"!!!

The new album by brutal death metal band from Venezuela!!!

2020-10-28 - NEW CD!!! MHP 20-354 MOREGORE "Disgusting Nasty Shitass"!!!

The full-length album by grind core band from Ukraine!!!

2020-10-24 - New video by Nervous Impulse!

Watch here:

2020-10-19 - NEW D-CD!!! MHP 20-361 PUT SOLNTSA Strely Sudby (The Arrows of Destiny)!!!

The new album by Russian pagan thrash metal band!!!

2020-10-16 - NEW CD!!! MHP 20-356 NOCTICULA Obitel Tsarstva Vechnoy Skorbi !!!

The official reissue of the debut album by Ukrainain black metal band!!!

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