2024-01-11 - NEW CD!!! SAT342/ WNP002/ MHP 23-470 THE SCUM "The Hunger"!!!

A joint release of Satanath Records with Wild Noise Productions and More Hate Productions: The new album by Colombian death metal band!!!

2024-01-10 - NEW CD!!! 079GD/ MHP 23-469 BESTIALORD "Bless Them With Pain"!!!

A joint release of GrimmDistribution with More Hate Productions: new album by US doom metal band!!!

2023-12-20 - NEW CD!!! MHP 23-465 REBIS Eternity!!!

The new EP album by Russian black metal!!!

2023-12-12 - NEW CD!!! MHP 23-466 HUMAN TIME Bestiary: The Pages of Madness

The new debut album by Russian experimental death metal/ ambient death metal band!!!

2023-12-06 - NEW CD!!! MHP 23-467 AMMONIUM "Erased Existence"!!!

The new full-length album by Russian death metal band!!!

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