2017-03-25 - NEW CD!!! SAT167/ MHP 17-216 NORDLAND European Paganism!!!

A joint release of Satanath Records and More Hate Productions: The new album "European Paganism" of UK pagan black metal band!!!

2017-03-15 - NEW CD!!! MHP 17-212 MENTAL HOME "Triangle"!!!

The new single "Triangle" of legendary Russian doom metal band!!!

2017-02-07 - NEW CD!!! MHP 17-215/ SODP088/ Murdher 018 HELLCRAFT "Apotheosis of War"!!!

A joint release of More Hate Productions, Symbol Of Domination Productions and Murdher Records: The new album "Apotheosis Of War" of Ukrainian death metal band!!!

2017-01-31 - NEW CD!!! DNR 035/ MHP 16-210/ NP-013-16/ 002GD DISTRESSFUL PROJECT Fucked-up Songs!!!

A joint release of More Hate Productions, Darknagar Records, Narcoleptica Productions, Grimm Distribution: The new album "Fucked-Up Songs" of Russian gothic doom/ death metal band!!!

2017-01-30 - NEW CD!!! MHP 16-214/ SODP086 EVILFORCES Pest Plagues & Storms!!!

A joint release of More Hate Productions and Symbol Of Domination Productions: The new album "Pest Plagues & Storms" of Mexican black metal band!!!

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