2016-09-30 - NEW CD!!! MHP 16-203 DEHYDRATED "Awake in Era"!!!

The third album by the Russian brutal death metal band!!!

2016-08-17 - NEW CD!!! MHP 16-196 QUETZALQOATL Uitzilopochtli!!!

The first album by a death metal project QUETZALQOATL!!!

2016-08-07 - NEW CD!!! NP-010-16 / MHP 16-192 / DNR 034 / DF009 SIGNIST Of Worlds Endtimely Enshadowed!!!

Joint release More Hate Prod., Narcoleptica Prod., Darknagar Records and Dark Front Productions: The debut album by Russian melodic death metal band!!!

2016-08-04 - NEW CD!!! MHP 16-195 A TRIBUTE TO POSSESSED Seven Burning Churches!!!

A tribute compilation album with cover versions of the best songs by the iconic Californians POSSESSED!

2016-07-21 - NEW CD!!! MHP 16-193/ SAT153 GROTESQUE CEREMONIUM Demonic Inqusition!!!

A joint release of More Hate and Satanath Records: The new full-length album by the Turkish death metal band!

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