2015-10-27 - NEW CD!!! SAT131/ MHP 15-161/ BPR061 ABYSMAL GROWLS OF DESPAIR Between My Dead!!!

Joint release More Hate with Satanath Records and Black Plague Records: The new album "Between My Dead" by french funeral doom metal band!!!

2015-10-27 - NEW CD!!! SAT127/ MHP 15-158 ANCIENT SPHERES In Conspiracy With The Night!!!

The second album by the black metal band from Costa Rica!!!

2015-10-13 - NEW CD!!! MHP 15-164 ROSE SCREAM "Algiz"!!!

Debut album Algiz by pagan black metal band ROSE SCREAM!!!

2015-10-05 - NEW CD!!! MHP 15-166 UNTROP "Pale illusions of life"!!!

The debut full-length album by UNTROP!!!

2015-09-29 - NEW CD!!! MHP 15-163 WIND OF DEATH "A Song of the North"!!!

The debut album by a pagan black metal band from Chelyabinsk!!!

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