2016-04-21 - NEW CD!!! MHP 16-187 HELLISH OBLIVION "Pyrodigma"!!!

The third full-length album by HELLISH OBLIVION!!!

2016-04-18 - NEW CD!!! MHP 16-176 MYSTERIA MORTIS "Our Time"!!!

The second full-length album by Russian folk metal band!!!

2016-04-06 - NEW CD!!! MHP 16-179/ DNR 033/ SR-318/ RTM 076 NERVOUS IMPULSE/ KRAWORATH/ KERANGKENK Perfect Symmetry Incarnation!!!

Perfect Symmetry Incarnation, a split CD featuring both new and specially selected songs of NERVOUS IMPULSE/ KRAWORATH/ KERANGKENK is released by More Hate Prods (Russia), Darknagar Records (Russia), Sevared Records (USA) and RTM Productions (Germany).

2016-03-28 - NEW CD!!! MHP 16-181 MOONGATES GUARDIAN ...And In The Glade A Light Was Seen!!!

The third album of fantasy black metal project MOONGATES GUARDIAN!!!

2016-03-23 - NEW CD!!! MHP 16-180 HELLBOMB "Hatebombs From Hell"!!!

The first full-length album by HELLBOMB!!!

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