2016-02-29 - NEW CD!!! MHP 16-175 MORA PROKAZA "Dark Universe"!!!

The second full-length album by Belarusian black metal band!!!

2016-02-24 - NEW CD!!! MHP 16-177 DRAIN OF IMPURITY "The Seventh Planet of the Infected Cygnus System!!!

The third full-length album of Drain of Impurity!!!

2016-02-16 - NEW CD!!! NP 003-16/ MHP 16-178/ DNR 032 DEVILGROTH "Morena"!!!

The new album Morena (2016) is a joint release of Narcoleptica Prod., Darknagar Records and More Hate Prod.!!!

2016-02-01 - NEW CD!!! MHP 15-172 DIAGOR Hatred of all the living!!!

The first full-length album by Ukrainian black metal band!!!

2016-01-20 - NEW CD!!! MHP 16-173 SILENT KINGDOM & ATRA HORA The hour of silence!!!

A joint release of MORE HATE Productions (Russia), RAZED SOUL Productions (USA), HUMAN TO DUST (Germany) and DARKNAGAR Records (Russia): the new split-album of SILENT KINGDOM and ATRA HORA!!!

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