2015-12-29 - NEW CD!!! MHP 15-171 GOREMbIKA "Mrakobesi"!!!

The second full-length album by grind punk death metal band!!!

2015-12-29 - NEW CD!!! MHP 15-167 ARCHAOSIFER Le Heraut de Sa Volonte!!!

The debut full-length album by black metal band ARCHAOSIFER!!!

2015-12-15 - MHP 15-174 / NP-002-15 HORROR NECROS The Bite Of A Hornet!!!

Joint release More Hate Productions with Narcoleptica Productions: The debut album by Russian death metal band!!!

2015-12-01 - NEW CD!!! MHP 15-169 ENDOSCOPY "Burial Mutilated"!!!

The debut album by gore grind band from Moscow!!!

2015-11-16 - NEW CD!!! MHP 15-168 HOLDAAR Aegishjalmur"!!!

The eights full-length album by Holdaar!!!

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