2023-11-23 - NEW CD!!! MHP 23-463 THROMB "Flesh and Blood of Capitalism"!!!

The official release of the debut EP of brutal death metal from Crimea!!!

2023-11-17 - NEW CD!!! MHP 23-458 UNNOMINE "The Symbol of the Descent of Darkness"!!!

The new full-length album by black metal project from Russia!!!

2023-11-14 - NEW CD!!! MHP 23-443 PITCHBLACK "All Black"!!!

The second full-length album by metal core band from Moscow/ Russia!!!

2023-11-10 - NEW CD!!! MHP 23-462 FOREVER DEAD /STORHET AV MORKE “Gates of World/ Black Wings”!!!

The new split CD featuring two Russian extreme projects!!!

2023-10-31 - NEW CD!!! 094/ MHP 23-453 MULLA "الاصابة"!!!

A joint release of Careless records in association with More Hate Productions: new full-length album of the black metal project from Iraq!!!

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