2015-03-25 - NEW CD!!! NRL-053 / MHP 15-141 / RTM064 VEIN OF HATE "Dualist"!!!

Collaborative release of More Hate, Nitroatmosfericum and RTM productions: the debut full-length album by VEIN OF HATE (extreme death metal, Belarus)!!!

2015-02-24 - NEW CD!!! MHP 15-140/ DSR 019 FUNERAL OPPRESSION The Prisoners of Life!!!

Joint release More Hate Productions with Deleting Soul Records: The debut album of the Russian post black/ depressive black metal band!!!

2015-02-20 - NEW CD!!! MHP 15-139/ SAT102 EXEGUTOR Embassy of Hell!!!

Joint release More Hate Productions with Satanath Records: New album "Embassy Of Hell" by Belarusian grindcore band EXEGUTOR!!!

2015-02-13 - NEW CD!!! MHP 15-138 KRAWORATH Purification through Pain!!!

The second album by one-man band Kraworath (Saratov) is out!!!

2015-01-23 - NEW CD!!! SAT088/ STNR 12/ MHP 14-134 ABYSMAL GROWLS OF DESPAIR Dark Days!!!

Joint release of Satanath Records/ Silent Time Noise Records and More Hate Productions: the new album by the mysterious French funeral doom metal project Abysmal Growls Of Despair!

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