2013-04-30 - NEW CD!!! MHP 12-100 BLACK SHADOW "War - the inextinguishable abysmal flame"!!!

More hate reissues the album originally released in 2008!

2013-04-25 - NEW CD!!! MHP 13-111 PUTRIFICATION "Intolerance"!!!

The debut album by brutal death metal band from Ivanovo, Putrification!!!

2013-04-23 - NEW CD!!! MHP 12-108 DARGONOMEL "Varkulama"!!!

Debut album by black/ death metal band from Kirov is out now!!!

2012-09-19 - NEW CD!!! MHP 12-107 NOXIOUS "...And blood will spout"!!!

New full-length album, an oldest black-metal band in the city of Tomsk.

2012-09-19 - NEW CD!!! MHP 12-106 A.S.S. "Anal.Supersonic.Sex."!!!

New album by gore grind machine from Samara!!!

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