2012-04-28 - NEW CD!!! MHP 12-099 MLEKRA 0105!!!

The Ukrainian band Mlekra presents its first full length album!!!

2012-03-30 - NEW CD!!! MHP 11-094 ENTHYMION Arcana of Apocalypse!!!

The debut album by symphonic black metal from Poland!

2012-03-25 - NEW CD!!! MHP 12-101 BLACK SHADOW "Through the Dark Flame of Moloch"!!!

We would like to bring to your attention the new album by the veterans of the Russian black metal stage!

2012-03-15 - NEW CD!!! MSR034/CD-TMR06 / MHP 12-102 FLYING "Graceful Murder"!!!

The official release of the fourth album of Melodic Death Metal band from Ukraine!!!

2012-03-01 - NEW CD!!! MHP 11-092 GRACE DISGRACED Enthrallment Traced!!!

The long-awaited full-length album by Grace Disgraced!!!

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