2020-07-16 - NEW CD!!! SAT275/ MHP 20-343/ PSALM 22 BLACK CROWN Caverns Of Thantifaxath!!!

A joint release of Satanath Records, More Hate Productions and The End Of Time Records: The new album by U.S. black metal band!!!

2020-07-01 - New video by Spiritual Holocaust from Finland!!!

Watch here:

New album "World Domination" will be out in August 2020!!!

2020-06-26 - NEW CD!!! MHP 20-342/ NP-241-20 HYZZTEREZIS "Reckoning"!!!

The debut full-length album by deathcore band from Russia!!!

2020-06-10 - NEW CD!!! MHP 20-351 SARIN ATTACK "Dystopia"!!!

The debut full-length album by grindcore band from Finland!!!

2020-06-08 - NEW CD!!! MHP 20-242 EDGEFLAME Bludgeon The Incarnated!!!

The new album by thrash metal band from Turkey!!!

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