2023-10-27 - NEW CD!!! SAT338/ ER-018/ MHP 22-440 HAISSEM "A Sleep Of Primeval Ignorance"!!!

A joint release of Satanath Records, Exhumed Records and More Hate Productions: The new album by melodic black/death metal band from Donbass!!!

2023-10-24 - NEW CD!!! 077GD/ SNR-069/ MHP 22-439 EPIDEMIK "Epidemik"!!!

A joint release of Grimm Distribution with Sanatorio Records and More Hate Productions: new album by thrash metal band from Costa-Rica!!!

2023-10-20 - NEW CD!!! MHP 23-459 AMMANAS "Solitude"!!!

The new full-length album by Russian black metal band!!!

2023-10-17 - NEW CD!!! MHP 23-457 DEAD POINT "The Greatness of Emptiness"!!!

Tne new full-length album by death/grinders from Sochi/ Russia!!!

2023-09-18 - NEW CD!!! MHP 23-456 CEREBRIUM "The Happiest Days"!!!

The second album by CEREBRIUM (Rybinsk, Russia)!!!

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