2010-04-05 - Ashen Light started working at their next album CURSED!

It will include ten new songs; some of them have already been recorded.

"I think the new album will be a good surprise for those who are interested in our band. It is not going to resemble either its predecessor or any other album by Ashen Light! I believe, no one can be 100% sure that he knows, what the new stuff will sound like. ((?) ALEX)

2010-03-01 - NEW!!! MHP 09 062 CD REDRUM World De Termination

Third corner stone release from Russian band REDRUM is out now!!!

2010-02-15 - NEW!!! MHP 09 - 064 CD ARCANUM SANCTUM "Fidus Achates"

Debut album of talanted melodic death metal band from Komsomolsk-on-Amur (Khabarovsk region)

2010-02-08 - New full length album by Ashen Light - "Blood of Apocalypse"

The awesome new album by black metal masters ASHEN LIGHT is out now! Available as a limited Digi-CD as well as regular CD version!

2009-12-30 - NEW!!! MHP 09 065 CD NEUROSPLIT PROPHET Encrypted Future Contingency!!!

Right now, Neurosplit Prophet altogether with More Hate Production are proud to present the debute album called "Encrypted Future Contingency"!!! It involves the athmospherically-sounding interesting and recognizable death metal.

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