2020-06-04 - NEW CD!!! MHP 20-350 BLOODSHED ASSAULT “Boundary of Cruelty”!!!

The new album by death metal band from Finland!!!

2020-05-09 - New official lyric video by Spiritual Holocaust from Finland!!!

Watch here:

"Last Rays of the Sun" is taken from the forthcoming album "Echoes of the Apocalypse" which will be released in 2020!!!

2020-03-18 - NEW CD!!! MHP 20-448 CHAME-LEON "C.O.D.E."!!!

The new album by Russian power metal band!!!

2020-01-20 - NEW CD!!! MHP 20-341 PSYCHOSURGICAL INTERVENTION "Prologue"!!!

The new EP album by Russian slamming brutal death metal band!!!

2020-01-01 - NEW CD!!! MHP 19-340 MOONGATES GUARDIAN "Cold Waters of Anduin"!!!

The new album by Russian Epic Medieval/ Atmospheric Black Metal band!!!

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