2019-12-03 - NEW CD!!! MHP 19-339 IMPRESS "Fortress"!!!

The new full-length album by Russian thrash metal/ hardcore band!!!

2019-11-17 - NEW CD!!! MHP 19-338 STIGMATIC CHORUS "Fanatic"!!!

The reissue of the 5th album of the Russian symphonic black metal band!!!

2019-11-05 - NEW CD!!! MHP 19-335 BRUD "Cannibal Cops"!!!

The debut album by Ukrainian grindcore band!!!

2019-10-07 - NEW CD!!! MHP 19-337 PANTHEON "Hopelessness"!!!

The new full-length album by dark/ black metal band!!!

2019-10-02 - NEW CD!!! SAT257/ MHP 19-329/ PSALM 20 MOURNER "Apogee Of Nihility"!!!

A joint release of Satanath Records, More Hate Productions and The End Of Time Records: The new album by Russian doom/ death metal band!!!

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