2006-02-25 - MHP 05-033 CD NORD'N'COMMANDER "Hermeneutics"

New CD of Russian band NORD'N'COMMANDER - Invading anxious wanderings of black metal conglomerate with archaic melodies of folk flute and ambient parts. Meditation keyboard interludes, sounds of battles, allusions to totalitarian marches, mysterious litanies of twilight voices flare up amid raging blackened metal, like northern lights?

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2005-06-29 - NEW!!! MHP 05-036 CD NATURAL SPIRIT "Ruskolun" (re-issued by More Hate!)

Slavonic pagan black metal with strong melodic folk influences (with PC videoclip!) / Ukraine

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2005-06-29 - NEW!!! MHP 05-035 EMBERS OF LIFE "Dark Conspiracy"

Symphonic dark black metal with various male and female vocals from black metal screams to deep death metal growls! / Russia

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2005-04-18 - NEW!!! MHP 05-037 CD BLACK SHADOW "Call of the Death"

Nihilistic radical satanic black metal (with member of Ashen Light!) / Russia

2005-04-16 - NEW!!! MHP 05-034 CD SEMARGL "Attack on God"

Band perform monolith antichristian black/death metal on high speed of playing with various styled vocals from brutal and guttural to screaming and very harsh black metal vokills. Also absolutely tremendous crystal sound recorded by Slawek & Woitek Wieslawski from famous and well known Hertz Studio (Hell Born, Decapitated etc).

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