Grim and frostbitten Black Metal is what to pretend to play this totally new Ukrainian horde. Well, it does not worked for them at all. The band was formed in 2017 by 2 members of the Dnipro-based DEF/LIGHT, namely Ingvaar (guitar/vocals) and Silent (bass). The booklet says Yggr is the drummer, but I am afraid not on this record, as the whole drum sound is too electronic, plastic and unbelievably badly programmed. The seven songs of their debut album are about to show their dedication to the Scandinavian type of Black Metal, which is strongly appreciable, but somehow it was very difficult to listen to the many stolen riffs there. If you ask me, it is a cliche at maximum level. The faster parts are stolen from DARK FUNERAL, whilst the slow marching ones are from the Norwegians: MAYHEM, DARKTHRONE and ULVER. To me their attempts sound so weak and pointless in general that I would easily compare them music-wise to some Brazilian soap opera. Sorry folks, but it sucks in majority. Let is hope they can come up with something better on their next release. Anyone into Black Metal, I would advise first to give a multiple spin for this album.

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