MORIBUNDO "Raíz Amarga"

This Spanish Doom/ Death Metal brigade was formed in 2014 and this is their debut release. The four lengthy tracks of "Raíz Amarga" were created by Evilead (all instruments), Luis Miguel Merino (vocals) and Mortvs Vyrr (lyrics). Their 36 minutes long material was pretty decently composed and arranged in the best traditions and canons of the aforesaid genres. If I had to cut it short, I would say that a well-thought combination of despair and grief radiates all over in their songs. You know, this overall feel of sadness is extremely unavoidable for the true interpretation of a style such as Doom Metal. The beautiful piano, violin & acoustic guitar passages of Evilead make sure to dose the tunes the right way. The balance of these elements, by the way, was just incredibly well used in the first two songs, "Vida" and "Antitesis". Regarding the vocal parts I have to emphasize the deep growling manner of Luis, which adds an additional volume and massiveness to the repertory of "Raíz Amarga". The musical landscapes they touch are quite relaxing and abstract at some point, the way they should really be. But on the other hand, we have some fast blast beats there too, which fragmentally appear in the last two tracks: "Suicidio Ilustrado" and "Luz (Ciego Color)". It was a little bit odd to notice them there, albeit they were definitely nicely incorporated into. If you want to listen to a precisely armored Doom/ Death Metal album, then I definitely recommend you to check this debut disc of MORIBUNDO!!!

MORIBUNDO "Raíz Amarga"

The first thing that caught my attention here was the stunning cover. Moribundo are quite a youngish band hailing from Spain and Raiz Amarga is their first full length. Consisting of four lengthy track their first offering is a great example of atmospheric and captivating doom/death metal. The basis of the music is a viscous stream of very raw and filthy riffs accompanied by a stoic but absolutely crushing rhythm section. The guitars are thick and the main chords have a dark and very moody undertone which is underlined by the melancholic and hypnotic lead sections. The harmonies have a slightly depressive and bleak feeling but are really fascinating at the same time. After some consecutive spins the listener realizes that those riffs and subtle melodies had an impact he did not realize during the first listening session. The main-tempo is one of a crawling zombie but there are some speedier parts ramping up the intensity. The song-writing is polished so that the single parts are always merged into fascinating songs and all tracks together form one piece of dark art. There is nothing really hooky or catchy on the surface but that does not mean that the music is overly complex. The instrumentation is on point with each song having small and very clever details making the music never sound too boring or samey which is always a risk when it comes to that kind of metal and average song lengths nine minutes. While the backbone of the music is firmly rooted in what is defined as modern (mainly Scandinavian) doom/death metal Moribundo do not shy away from implementing elements from other genres. Some haunting blackish harmonies can be found here as well as parts that have more of a hard rock and even slightly bluesy vibe. Small hints of stoner metal have been subtly woven into the overall sound without disturbing the whole picture by completely sounding out of place. The production underlines the thick and forceful nature. The sound is crushingly heavy with a flawless mix that does not bury any of the small details despite the crunchy power of the guitars. The vocals are raw and brutal fitting like a glove and delivered with a lot of intensity. Overall Raiz Amarga is a not an album that can be consumed as background music. If you are in the right mood this record will draw you into its dark and eerie world and wont let you go before the last second is played.

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