MASS OF THE HERETIC "Flames of Hatred"

While this is far from original it is some decent black metal that is wicked fast and more than gets the job done. Good, solid black metal style vocals and fast as fuck music are highlights on this. This is all not a wall of noise and the music is quite catchy at times with memorable riffs and song structures. This will just pound into your head and do that till you submit from its power. I was loving the speed and power this band gets and uses too.

MASS OF THE HERETIC "Flames of Hatred"

What we got here is another example of pretty traditional black metal from two Russian guys. Adonai and Nihomas teamed up with More Hate Productions to release their debut full length also in physical format and although the surely have not reinvented the genre Flames of Hatred is a safe bet for any fan of this kind of stuff. There are a few hints of other related genres but overall Mass of the Heretic mainly stay within the boundaries of traditional black metal. Hefty and relentless tremolo riffs are building the core of this record. Most of the chords have their origin in the glory 90s but at times a more modern variation of this particular style can be found as well. This works great as the bands sound should please each fan of the classics but also has a certain freshness that other bands who are only trying to copy the old heroes do not offer. Some of the trademark themes are used more than once over the course of the album and there are some slight adoptions like going up or down a keynote within the respective scale. The speed and the intensity are kept high over the course of the album with only a few passages where the tempo is slowed down and the listener gets a chance to breathe. However, the melodic harmonies and the fantastic hooks make the record a very enjoyable affair. The song structures are pretty stringent and while technical prowess plays an important role in certain sections the album has a great flow and it is pretty easy to get into the music. A lot is going on in the background and the band always makes sure that the epic and symphonic elements lend a very atmospheric nature to the music. There is no real info about the drumming but in case they are programmed the job has been delivered in great fashion. While there are tons of blast-beat sections the music never loses its groove. Overall the rhythm section mainly stays in the background letting the often catchy melodies and the epic moments take center stage. Singer Nihomas has a perfectly fitting voice. His snarling and barking tone reminds of well-known names like Abbath but he is able to leave his own mark as well. His delivery helps ramping up the intensity up a notch and highlights the aggressive and brutal vibe of the record. Flames of Hatred is presented with a nearly flawless production. The mix is crystal clear without sacrificing a bit of the needed rawness and the overall sound is very powerful. The drums have an immense punch and even the bass is clearly audible. Mass of the Heretic have delivered a highly professional product that is easily on par with the works of better known bands. If you like your black metal well-produced and relentless yet catchy then this record should be on your list.

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