DIAMOND "Fuck Your Opinion"

Look at that cover! Would you believe anyone telling you that behind this monkey face and the mundane logo a piece of face-melting Death Metal is waiting to be discovered by curious listeners? I have no idea what the idea behind this artistic piece of work has been and if it is just meant to be some kind of joke. However, it nearly led to me not checking out this record what would have been a shame. As unorthodox as the art design might be the musical content on Fuck Your Opinion is pretty straight forward. Traditional Death Metal with a lot of US influences is what we got here. Fast and furious riffing, high-speed drumming with groovy break-downs and a few blast-beat sections. The drumming is varied without sounding too chaotic or nervous. The guitar tone is gritty and raw adding to the overall brutal sound. The riffs are powerful and remind of some of the big classics that had been released in the nineties. The solo sections are kept short and fresh never overstaying their welcome. The whole record just feels really energetic and made my blood rushing while listening to the music. I felt reminded a bit of the first few Deicide records (without the satanic nonsense) that had a similar level of power and energy in my books. The songwriting is on point with all tracks having a clear structure. While the instrumentation sounds professional to me there is no technical wankery that could become annoying for passive listeners like myself. All songs consist of the traditional verse-chorus structure with said solos being cleverly placed to avoid a feeling of sameness over the whole playing time. We have heard all the single elements before but Diamond have been putting them together in an experienced and clever way. Band-leader Roman Diamond Dokuchaev has also taken over vocal duties and his delivery is great. Growling and roaring his way through to the end with single high pitched screaming sections thrown in for good measure he might not be among the worlds top vocalists but he fits perfectly to the instrumentation. The production has a very punchy and powerful sound. The guitars are mixed dynamically and the drums have this slightly metallic sound ramping the intensity level of the whole thing up a notch. From what I understood the guys themselves are responsible for the production job so I really need to give them extra credit for the sound. All in all there is not much left to say. It could be argued that we saw shitloads of similar releases having been released over the past 3 decades but everyone who is still looking for traditional slab of DM delivered in great style and fashion could do much worse than checking out Diamond. I for one just hope they will hire a new artist for the cover of their next album.

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