DRAIN OF IMPURITY "Perdition Out The Orbit"

Fourth album from Turkish Drain Of Impurity is inspired by series of games from Dead Space universe. I remember playing one or two of them on my PS3 console. It was about alien creatures in space in realm of sci-fi horror. Perdition Out The Orbit is inhuman sounding death metal album with several intros. Here are a few things to know about the music. The album is brutal and I mean BRUTAL! They often play technical but not like always. The songs are about ultra brutal, sickening, and drilling into your brain death metal riffs but with a little hammer of slam death metal because so many times, they break down the guitar rhythms or just make music have enormously heavy sounding riffs. They play a lot of fast blast beats, and use varieties of deep, growling vocals – very gross stuff. This album is geared towards total devastation and waves some tension and pressure caused by intensity of music which is sometimes a hassle/torture to get through. Fancy tho, they play as if they wanted to get into your nerves and change your DNA by leaving a slime of foreign origin in your open throat to infect your body. Even if there are 8 tracks on the album, they are similar to each other. Music is contaminated by sort of music repeatability and there is a lack of elements of surprise even if they try very hard to have some. The only song that has fallen into my memory is Destined To Disintegrate but this is kind of album that tomorrow, you would think about any other song as your next favorite. I just want to let you know that I like this album in my own way because the only thing that is more brutal than death metal is seriously this album.

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